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Here at Evocus we’re pretty certain that our personal touch and genuine commitment to our clients’ online businesses is what sets us apart. Unlike some agencies, we don’t look at projects as being just the next nice, shiny addition to our portfolio - We immerse ourselves into our clients’ industry and requirements, as we feel it’s the only way to really get under the skin of what's needed. Easy? Nope...But it pays off and the end result is always superior. When our clients call us, whoever answers the phone will have an understanding of their project - Our team works extremely closely and constantly communicate our clients’ activities between ourselves. For you that means a real sense of familiarity and accountability from us. We wouldn’t have it any other way..We also pride ourselves on being very honest with our clients, all in the name of results. Ultimately that’s what we’re all in it for and we don’t believe in frills for the sake of frills...maybe it’s a Northern thing! Whatever the reason, our clients do value our ability to cut out the unnecessary stuff and focus on the core needs, as we strive to become an integral part of their online business success.

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