Email Marketing

Campaigns that Convert..Often neglected, we make sure you capitalise on your database.

Contrary to some current beliefs, Email marketing is absolutely still a highly valid and productive strategy. We all know how useless ‘spamming’ people is - We guide you on how to capitalise on your current and potential customer database by crafting researched and targeted campaigns that are relevant for your audience. Our expertise, allied with some of the latest data software, allows us to create a strategy of tailored email campaigns that get results.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

Low cost

Drive Traffic

Increases Revenue

Tailored Campaigns

Brand Awareness

Instant Impact

Quick Set-up

Personal Approach

Some great email marketing features and tools

Effective email marketing makes use use of a range of software tools in order to make the desired impact, but always in a compliant and relevant fashion.

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Create bespoke, GDPR-compliant lists

Most businesses want to send multiple offers and content to different customer types. For example, you may sell to both trade and retail customers and thereby offer trade customers loyalty discounts, with different special promotions aimed more at retail customers. Our software enables you to do just that. We integrate your website with custom lists, based on the users’ selection through the checkout or directly on the website. Our process follows all the requirements of the current GDPR laws, meaning you can build a legitimate & compliant database of customers who are likely to return, as they have already visited or purchased from your website.

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Send tailored, bold and effective campaigns

So what should be in a strong email campaign? Well, it all depends on its desired result, but it’s fair to say that it needs to demonstrate strong and engaging content that is targeted towards the recipient. The best campaigns do not use a ‘one size fits all’ policy - One campaign will be tailored towards a particular group, for example those who have purchased from your website before, and will be angled differently to another one aimed at prospective new customers. It may be a newsletter-style campaign outlining news, events & services, or a ‘Latest Products’ release promoting specific items. Incorporating incentives such a discount codes are often a highly productive tactic in prompting sales. Whatever the message, we’ll design stylish and modern graphics that bring the email vividly to life, always adapted to be suitable for viewing on mobiles & tablet, alongside PC/laptop.

Abandon Cart

Automated Abandoned Cart emails & Suggested Upsells

Recent data shows that 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the sale. Granted, not every one of these may have been a legitimate potential sales, but many may well have been….Imagine increasing your sales by almost two-thirds! Sending well-crafted automated Abandoned Cart emails to any user who has left your website with an unpaid cart can be a highly effective way to reactivate these ‘lost’ sales, not to mention increasing average order value. Any campaign such as this is an ideal opportunity to promote additional items that may be of interest.

    Abandon cart emails can...

  • Make the user aware that they didn’t complete their purchase.
  • Help trigger the customer to complete their purchase by offering an easy link to their cart, or maybe even a discount as an additional incentive to do so!
  • Offer the chance to upsell other related or complementary products alongside the original item.
Abandon Cart

Analysis and Reporting

As with any strategy, it’s vital to be able to get a clear sense of the areas of most impact. We use MailChimp as our email client of choice, due to its detailed and effective reporting features. These include outlining the demographics of recipients who clicked the links, providing industry averages for email campaigns & a breakdown of specific accessed links within the email...This kind of crucial information ensures that we can constantly evolve your campaign strategy to ensure optimal performance.

Some of the technologies we use...