Search Engine Optimisation

The art of SEO...Everyone knows the term, but few apply the required techniques effectively.

Use Google is now a fundamental part of consumer habits as it‘s indisputably the dominant method for online consumers seeking products and services. The vast majority of users rarely look past the first page of Google’s search results and that’s why for online businesses, reaching this point is the ‘holy grail.’ This is what will generate the most traffic and traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Increased Visibility Online

More Visitors to convert

Better Quality Traffic

Raised Brand Awareness

Increased Website Referrals

More Trust & Credibility

Alternative To Paid Traffic

Increased Business Value

Our Approach

At Evocus we apply our proven SEO techniques to our clients’ online businesses with the aim of making clear and positive progress. There’s no generic approach from us - We understand that each business has different needs and we tailor your SEO campaign accordingly. It takes time and effort, but you’ll see the benefits once casual visitors have begun turning into returning customers.

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Technical SEO Audit

Before making any changes we insist on gaining a clear picture of the current situation. This is essentially a data collection exercise, involving us looking at your online presence as it stands and assessing your performance in search engine results as it stands. We’ll consider your current ranking versus the competition, alongside an assessment of how substantial your onsite and organic SEO appears to be. This technical in-depth audit helps us to identify areas that might be inhibiting your search engine ranking and therefore informs our strategy moving forward.

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Market Research & Analysis

Market research gives us a crucial insight into the needs and search habits of your customers. We research the desired & relevant keywords that will be most effective for you in ensuring you attract the right traffic, not just more traffic of any kind. Our analysis of the collected data is where our expertise comes in! It shapes our strategy for your site and also helps to dictate quality content additions that your visitors will find valuable and be more likely to share with others via external links, social media and email.

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Ongoing Optimisation

SEO efforts quite simply must be a part of your ongoing strategy - There are no shortcuts, quick fixes or one-off solutions. Google regularly alters its algorithms (the formula dictating how they rank sites) so your site needs to be adapted accordingly. Evocus provides a flexible & bespoke approach that caters for these shifting trends. Our skilled content writers play a real role moving forward - The constant addition of fresh and relevant onsite content (such as articles and Blogs) is a vital method of improving your organic SEO. This engaging material both attracts users and is an indicator to Google that your website is a trusted source of truly useful content for the user. You’ll soon rise above the competition who aren’t making these efforts!

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We’ll always keep you informed of our ongoing strategies and the resulting performance so that you can gain a clear understanding of the efforts. Our specialists may be the experts, but we don’t believe in preciously guarding the secrets! At Evocus we feel it’s important for you to have a clear grasp on what we’re doing and why. We’ll provide you with regular reports that will clearly demonstrate our stated SEO strategy, the methods employed to achieve these results and of course the actual performance data itself. We pride ourselves on making all this information totally accessible & easy to digest, and our analysis will allow you to keep track of how we’re helping to achieve your overall online objectives.

Some of the technologies we use...