Web Development

Don’t stand still! Once your website is established, it’s a mistake to then take your foot off the gas.

When you consider that your competition is always striving to improve by adding additional features, standing still really means going backwards. We can use various methods to identify how to keep your website ahead of the game. After all the more user-friendly your site, the more likely your visitors are to buy or submit their information. Our expert web development team can create bespoke solutions when off-the-shelf additions just aren’t cutting the mustard. It’s not all front-end either - We can design, build and implement internal systems that make the back-end management of your website much more efficient.

What are the benefits of Custom Web Development

Improved User Experience

Innovative Website Features

Bespoke Internal Systems

Stay Ahead Of Competition

Reduces Cart Abandonments

Increased Traffic & Sales

More Trust & Credibility

Increased Company Value

Some Examples

Below are some examples of bespoke developments that we created and implemented for our clients, all aimed at offering either improved usability for the user or hassle-free internal admin management for the client.

Trade Form

Trade Signup Form

Owing to a large portion of his industry being trade customers, our client requested that we create a bespoke sign-up process that would encourage this action but also crucially make it as seamless and automated as possible. We built a custom Contact Form that allowed the trade user to submit their account request, attach proof of their trade status & set all account login details. Our client would then receive notification of this account request and be able to verify all details. Assuming authorised, the client would then add the trade user to a specific group, all of whom view discounted product prices once they have logged in. This function added an element of automation which vastly improved the process.

Heat map

Bespoke Internal System

The client required the design, creation and integration of a fully-bespoke internal CRM system that met the needs of all aspects of their online business process. Existing solutions did not match the requirements so we proposed a purpose-built one. Following a thorough research & design process, we created the system consisting of four main sections, namely Customers, Quotes, Orders & Transport. The client now had the ability to add & manage detailed info regarding customers, their quotations & order statuses, delivery & payment information and much more. All of this is now under one roof, manageable by staff in a highly-efficient manner, saving the use of various systems for different elements of their processes.

Heat Map
Quote System

Product Quote System

Many of the client’s online products were not priced and available as ‘quote only,’ due to the large number of variations available. To avoid deterring potential customers, we were asked to create the functionality within the website where to users could request a quote by adding various ‘Quote only’ items to their ‘quote cart,’ which would be submitted and received in one go by our client. They would then be able to price up the requested items and issue the full quotation back to the user who could simply then opt to proceed with the quotation with one click that took them to the payment stage. This bespoke development by ourselves resulted in an efficient process saving both time & effort whilst encouraging additional sales.

custom flag buuilder

Custom Flag Builder

Our client wanted to elevate his website above the competition by offering the user an online flag design editing feature. We were asked to design and integrate this function that would be visible on all relevant products and allow the uploading of image files, background & text onto an editor. Clear controls made design manipulation simple and the user would simply save his design & it would be sent with the order to our client. This has not only attracted sales but has also made the customising process far more seamless and intuitive than the previous solution, which entailed the customer emailing our client a pre-designed artwork file which he then had to convert & apply.

custom flag buuilder

Some of the technologies we use...